Amy J. Reed

To the life and legacy of Amy J. Reed, M.D., PhD, whose most profound lesson is that "from pain, suffering and injustice - immutable POWER is born."


Linda  Interlichia

May she know that her torch is being carried
forward in her honor. We love her and miss her terribly.

Maryalyce Martin Dolan

Maryalyce was a Mother first, a great daughter, sister, cousin and a dear friend.

Brenda Leuzzi

You are missed daily by those whose lives you have touched the most. We have found that the number of people is far greater than family. People from all over speak of missing your beautiful smile and voice. No one speaks more of missing you than Peyton. She is an extension of all the best of you and carries your same bright light and you are her angel.

Susan Coleman

A brilliantly witty and irreverent warrior whose sense of humor in the face of this terrible disease made our world a brighter place.

Elizabeth Jacobson

2/20/1958 - 1/8/2013
Elizabeth Jane Jacobson was born 10 weeks early in 1957 and died prematurely in 2013. She was the second of 3 girls. A devoted daughter, loving sister, and extraordinary aunt, she was the heart of our family.

Erica Kaitz

Thank you runners!
With much appreciation,
The Kaitz Family